When it comes to weddings and wedding photography the majority of my customers enter a new and unknown market. Of course I'm always ready to help and to provide individual information. On this site I provide some answers to the most frequently asked questions. If your topic is not listed here, please don't hesitate to contact me by email or phone.
Do you also offer wedding albums?

Yes. I offer different products from two of the finest manufacturers from Italy and the USA. You can find much more detailed info here.

How many pictures can we expect in the end?

That’s a tough one. I guarantee minimum numbers. For instance I guarantee 350 pictures minimum at an 8h documentary, or 500 pictures during a 12h shoot. Many times, you’ll get much more pictures than these minimum numbers. However, the number of pictures depend on various factors at your wedding, like number of guests, schedule, etc.


However, I also advise not to mistake the total number of pictures as a criterion for quality. In general, it is always easier for the photographer to sync settings and deliver a whole series of different variants of the same picture instead of making the effort of a good selection of pictures. Always keep in mind that too many variants of the same picture always ruin the value of the single picture. To me it is important to deliver a story-telling series of pictures without too much redundancy.

How much time should we plan for our portraits?

Generally 60-90min are totally fine and suffice for pictures at 2-3 different locations. As an alternative we can also split the shooting into two smaller sessions, e.g. one during the reception and the other after dinner etc. In my portfolio you will find many samples with different lighting situations.

Which cameras and equipment do you use at our wedding?

I work with a 2 camera system consisting of two Canon 5D Mark IV cameras with a variety of the very best prime and zoom lenses. Each of them having its own individual purpose. I mostly use natural available light and sometimes I work with bouncers of California Sunbounce. All pictures I deliver have such high quality to be printed on A0 without any problems.

Can you provide a second shooter?

Yes! I recommend a second shooter if you celebrate a big wedding with 150+ guests. I don’t work with interns or apprentices, but with professional self-employed colleagues from my network spreading over whole Europe. Just contact me if you’re interested in having a second photographer at your wedding.

Why aren’t you more active on social media?

Truth be told, I’m not a social media guy. It even feels like a burden to care for a presence on data-hungry portals such as Instagram and Facebook. Moreover, those portals require to be fed not only with data but also with money in order to give you a reasonable presentation. Social media has become a big commercial battlefield I don’t need to be part of. Luckily, the majority of my customers has a similar attitude and is not eager to see their own pictures on these portals. As a photographer I of course have an interest to show my work to a selected audience in a certain framework, e.g. on my website. On the other hand, I also understand that wedding pictures are of private character and don’t need to be shown on social media. Thus, I try to keep a low profile on social media.

Do you also take “normal” pictures?

Yes, of course I do.  Normal pictures such as group shots, pictures of the decoration and the location belong to every pictures series of a wedding. I don’t show many of these on my website as they don’t tell much about my invidivual style. In general, I prefer to take classic group pictures with people standing together looking happy. I don’t like silly staged group shots with people doing strange unnatural things just for the sake of the picture. Impressions of the location and detail macro shots of the decoration are always delivered from different perspectives.

How long does it take till we receive our wedding pictures?

I place great emphasis on good postproduction and invest around 30-40 hours per wedding. Everything is done individually picture by picture. I don’t use time-saving automatisms such auto contrasts etc. Postproduction is a creative process and cannot be done in assemly-line style. You need to imagine that digital negatives (raws) require to be retouched. Straight out of the camera raws look flat and boring. Just like analog pictures needed to be processed in a lab, digital pictures need to digitally processed in lightroom and/or photoshop to get the best out of it.

Your pictures will be processed in multiple steps with different software. Thus, please allow at least 14-21 days as delivery time. In the high season it can even take a little longer. You’ll see, the result is worth the waiting period!

When should we take our bridal couple portraits?

This is a question I’ve been confronted with before almost every single wedding. Again it is hard to give a general answer. However, it is safe to say that professional outdoor and landscape photographers prefer to shoot 2 hours after sunrise and 2 hours before sunset. These are the time windows when the sun is closer to the horizon and produces a smooth yet motivated light.

Most often it is not possible to shoot around sunrise in European summer because of the very early time of sunrise. Most of the time I recommend to take your portraits in the hour before dinner, around 18-19.30. However, I also recommend to adapt the time for portraits fitting well into your schedule. We can also take gorgeous portraits at noon in the more shadowy areas. As already said, this is a topic before almost every wedding. Undoubtedly, we will find a perfect solution together!

When do you recommend an after-wedding shoot?

An after-wedding shooting is always recommendable because it offers us photographers the best working conditions. This is something I’ll do at my own wedding for sure!


Above all, after-wedding shoots make sense when you don’t want to leave your guests alone at your wedding. For many couples the wedding day is so special because of the unique constellation of friends, family and loved ones from all over the world. Couples regularly report to me that time was flying at their wedding day and the day went by way too quick. Thus, it is advisable to make the most out of it by spending as much time as possible with your loved ones.

Of course, after-wedding shoots are also particularly advisable when you want to shoot at locations we cannot reach at your wedding day. Or if weather conditions turn bad at your wedding day, or if you just want to enjoy and drink at your wedding! 🙂

How far do you travel for our wedding?

I love to travel and I regularly shoot weddings all over Germany and whole Europe. Sometimes I even shot weddins outside of Europe! As you can see, distance is not a problem! I only charge real travel expenses, that’s all. The first 50km I even include for free. After that I charge 60Ct/Km but offer cheaper deals for destinations further away than 200Km. I usually travel by car because most wedding venues are hard to reach with public transportation. Whenever possible I prefer planes and trains.