Would you really like to hear the typical story of how I got my first camera?! 😉 I’d rather like to introduce myself  only briefly. Eventually it is you, not me, being the center of my wedding photography. Last but not least, what could tell more about me than my wedding pictures and the reactions which they cause among my bridal couples. 🙂

Everyone of us has different roles in life. I’m a wedding photographer. I’m a husband of a beautiful woman called Julia. I’m a father of a little baby girl called Marie.

Now, you already know the three most important things in my life. 🙂

Together we are living in the west of Frankfurt. Being nomads by heart we love to travel this beautiful world as often as possible. We also share the passion for good food, especially Japanese, Spanish and modern German cuisine.


After finishing my studies I worked as an assistant for several renowned commercial photographers and gathered experience on many international photo productions in whole Europe. I first got into touch with wedding photography during a longer work stay in Los Angeles, where I discovered the US approach towards wedding photography called „wedding-photojournalism“. Soon after, I founded Kajul Photography. Till this day my passion for this unique mixture of uncontrived photography and creative portraiture, called wedding photography, continues.

I’m a member of the two most renowned and biggest international associations of wedding photographers:

1) International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP)
2) Fearless Photographers

In the most important international wedding photo contests of the past six years my pictures have been repeatedly awarded. Altogether, my wedding photos won over 50 different prizes in international competitions. In the lifetime ranking of Fearless Photographers Kajul Photography is currently listed as the second most successful wedding photographer in Germany (May 2018). In regard to Fearless artsy pictures Kajul Photography is by far the most well renowned wedding photographer on an international level in Germany.


It is difficult to speak about one’s own style or vision. In general, my style can be derived from my view of the world. Overall, I think the world has never been a better place and it will be even better in the future. Thus, I don’t share the passion for nostalgia. My style is modern and optimistic.

The fact that I’m not biased before a shooting also tells something about my style. I always deliver an individual series of wedding pictures fitting well to my clients and their wedding day. I mean, a wedding in Tuscany in summer requires a different picture style than a wedding in the Swiss mountains on a foggy day. To me, the goal of the process has never been to assign the same “vintage, analog, boho, whatever-style” to the pictures again and again. My style is professional and individual.

Two of the most important talents of a good photographer are creativity and improvisation. Unlike some soap opera with perfectly staged choreography shot in some studio the wedding day is part of real life with all its facets. The consequence to me is adapting to the conditions on location.

The body of my work is always a mixture of authentic documentary photography and strong, artistic portraiture. Above all, it is important to me to tell the story of your wedding in an authentic way. Thus, my way of working is an unobstrusive one. When it comes to portraiture I will of course always give you advice and directions how to look most flattering.

More detailed and much longer testimonials and feedbacks from my customers can be found on my Testimonial page.