Rather than telling the typical story of how I got my first camer let me give you real glimpse into my life. Not only as a wedding photographer, but also as family man and a husband, i.e. former groom.

Together with my wife Julia and our little daughter Marie I live in the attic storey of an old building in the west of Frankfurt. In the absence of an elevator our daily workout is already secured! Our holy everyday ritual is the common breakfast in the morning, before everyone takes off for work/Kita.


Middle of 2017 we began with the preparations of our own wedding taking place in September 2018. And what could be more appropriate as wedding photographer than showing you some of our personal wedding pictures? We rented a finca in the south of Europe and spent an unforgettable, breathtaking long weekend with our families and friends.

Few weeks later we took off for an extended honeymoon in Asia and Australia within the scope of our German maternity leaf. Experiencing new adventures while traveling is amidst the best we can imagine. Luckily, our little daughter is at least as adventurous as us.


It’s always difficult to talk about one’s style, also because it’s permanently evolving. The body of my work is always a mixture of authentic documentary photography and artistic but natural portraiture. My way of working is an unobstrusive one. When it comes to portraiture I will of course always give you advice and directions how to look most flattering.

The fact that I’m not biased before a shooting also tells something about my style. I mean, a wedding in Tuscany in summer requires a different picture style than a wedding in the Swiss mountains on a foggy day. In contrast to many others, to me the goal of the process has never been to assign the same “warm sepia- vintage- look” to the pictures over and over again. I always deliver an individual series of wedding pictures fitting well to my bridal couples and their wedding day.

When I started to prepare my own wedding I’ve already been a professional wedding photographer for 6 years. I thought I knew everything about wedding photography, but it turned out I was wrong. Actually, the preparations of my own wedding changed my photographic style a lot. As a bridal couple, my wife and me, we wanted to have beautiful, timeless and creative wedding pictures with a natural style. When it came to the process of chosing service providers for our wedding a personal connection between us was equally important to us.

As a wedding photographer the personal relationship to my clients got much more important to me. You only get the best shots if you have access to the bridal couple and their families&friends. Access is established through trust. It is my goal that you have the best memories of your special day when looking at your wedding pictures. I place great emphasis on natural and artistic pictures. Finding this balance is key to my style. I want to create pictures you can proudly hang up your wall as individual pieces of art.


After finishing my studies I first worked as an assistant for several renowned commercial photographers and gathered experience on many international photo productions. After that I originally planned to become a photojournalist working abroad, but then I coincidentally got into touch with the US approach towards wedding photography called „wedding-photojournalism“. Soon after, I founded Kajul Photography. Till this day my passion for this unique mixture of photographic elements continues.

In some of the most important international wedding photo contests my pictures have been repeatedly awarded. More information can be found in the Awards section in the Info menu.